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The hand welding tool “energy 1600” is perfectly designed to weld floor coverings made of PVC-P, PE, linoleum and modified thermoplastics. Weldy hot air tools make PVC vinyl flooring welding easy.

We offer you a wide range of accessories to fit your needs when doing a flooring job.
Hot Air Hand Tools Compare
  • energy HT1600 plastic kit

    Your professional hot air tool kit for welding PE, PP and PVC plastic sheets.
    energy 1600 plastic welding kit
  • energy 3400

    The versatile tool kit is used for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, producing and repair of plastics, built in to machines.
    hot air hand tool energy 3400 kit
  • energy HT1600

    The powerful hot air hand tool WELDY type HT1600 for a wide range of applications.
    WELDY energy HT 1600 - unbeatable cost-performance ratio for plastic welding
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