roofer RW3400

  • hot-air-welder tarper TW3400 hot-air-welder tarper TW3400

  • Extra wide 40 mm welding nozzle fulfills international standards
  • Heavy weight direct above the contact roller results in high quality weld seam
  • Powerful 3400 W hot air blower to achieve the desired temperature and air volume
  • Integrated laser beam for easy machine guidance
  • Free adjustable speed up to 7.5m/min
  • Made for TPO and PVC materials
  • Automatic driving and welding start
  • Guide bar and lifting device for easy handling
  • Free variable welding temperature

WELDY roofer RW3400 the professional lightweight welder for the roof
The handy hot air welder prevails giant machines in welding quality: handy, simple and good!
Lightest in its class! (only 15 kg)

roofer RW 3400 / 40mm / 230 V / 3500 W / 16A CEE-plug
Article No.: 145.590
Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 230
Power W 3500
Temperature °F 122 – 1112
Speed ft/min 3.3 – 24
Weld seam width inch 1.57
Size (L × W × H) inch 19.68 x 14.37 × 10.62
Weight lbs 33.07
Weldable materials PVC, TPO, ECB, EPDM, CSPE
Protection class I


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