Tarpaulins and Banners

simple. good. affordable.

Weldy “Foiler-series”, the automatic welding tool for overlap and seam welds, designed for easy use in the tarpaulins and billboards industries.

Additionally, the Weldy welding machine “insta SM3” makes your work process even more efficient. Including features to do overlap, hem and pipe welding at very high speed will meet all your demands.

The simplicity of the Weldy tools and machines will make your job easy and accurate and support your quality needs. 

Our hot air tools are successfully used around the globe. People work with Weldy in more than 80 countries – Proving Weldy to be the hottest tool for cost conscious professionals. simple. good. affordable.
Welding machines
  • miniwelder geo2

    Light and fast automatic welder, suitable for geomembranes with a thickness of 0.5–1.5 mm.
    miniwelder geo2
  • miniwelder tex2

    The light and fast automatic welder is suitable for geomembranes in material thicknesses of 0.5–1.5 mm.
    miniwelder tex2
  • foiler ETL

    Automatic welder with laser guidance and automatic start, for overlap welding of tarps and banners.
    hot-air-welder foiler ET laser
  • foiler

    Automatic welder for overlap welding of tarps and banners. Simple operation and maintenance.
    hot-air-welder foiler
Hot Air Hand Tools Compare
  • energy HT1600 overlap kit

    Your professional hot air equipment for welding PVC and TPO membranes.
    energy 1600 roofing kit
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