We are Weldy

Under the Weldy brand, we create products designed for plastic welding and process heat applications. Utilizing technologies such as hot air and efficient design principles, coupled with our commitment to practical innovation, we effectively cater to our market segment globally. Additionally, we emphasize local production for local markets, providing affordable and reliable solutions tailored to meet specific regional needs.

At Weldy, we are proud to produce high-quality products that meet our customers' expectations of reliable, functional, and cost-effective tools. We believe that forging strong relationships with our suppliers, distributors, and customers worldwide is crucial to our mutual success. Our extensive network of over 100 countries, facilitated by our eight country-level subsidiaries, allows us to provide exceptional sales and service support. This commitment to accessibility and practicality is reflected in the solutions we provide to our diverse customer base.

Affordable Functionality to Cost-Effective Utility

Weldy offers a comprehensive range of tools and devices, specifically designed for plastic welding applications. Our products are widely utilized in various sectors, including construction, automotive repair, roofing, flooring, and the fabrication of plastic tanks and containers. Weldy equipment supports a variety of processes, including hot air welding, extrusion welding, and heat sealing, enabling effective and durable joining of plastic materials.

The Weldy brand is well-known for providing cost-effective options suited to both industry professionals and individuals engaged in smaller-scale projects. Our heat guns are frequently used in situations requiring the repair, fabrication, or installation of plastic parts, including new plastic components and weather-resistant joints.


As part of the Leister Group, which traces its roots back to 1949, Weldy has grown into a major brand recognized in the markets for its innovative and practical technologies in plastics processing, with a focus on providing affordable, functional solutions that appeal to a broad audience. We pride ourselves on our strategic approach to local manufacturing, ensuring that our products are tailored to meet the specific needs of each market.


  • Karl Leister founded "Karl Leister Elektro-Gerätebau" in Solingen, Germany as a sole proprietorship


  • Karl Leister invents the Leister KOMBI, a hot-air tool for welding thermoplastics
  • First production building in Solingen


  • Own motor production founded


  • Christiane Leister takes over control of the company and the executive management as successor


  • "Weldy" hot-air blowers for DIY and private label customers


  • Leister Technologies Ltd., Shanghai, China
  • Production relocation of Weldy hot air units to China


  • Weldy Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India
  • New production facility for locally developed and produced products

Production and logistics

Our production facilities in India and China are crucial to our value chain at Weldy. To consistently ensure high quality, we focus on fostering long-term partnerships across our entire supply chain and establish quality agreements with our suppliers. This approach allows us to maintain affordability while meeting the functional requirements of our diverse global customer base.