Weldy for Craft and Constructions

Craft and Constructions


Craft and Construction

Versatile Utility
Weldy's versatile heat guns are essential for craftsmen and construction pros, handling tasks from crafting to large-scale projects. Engineered for reliability, they're ideal for bustling workshops or dynamic construction sites, offering the tools and accessories needed for various materials.
Efficient and Versatile
Technical Textile
In the realm of technical textiles, our hot air applications of Weldy offers versatile solutions for various industries: Seamlessly overlap weld cover films and deco-foils, repair of tarpaulins and attachment of reinforcement tape.
Secure and Sturdy
Roofing and Flooring
For professionals in the craft and construction sectors, Weldy offers robust and precise tools for using in flooring and roofing. Some examples: Finishing work for cover- and protective films, overlap welding of bitumen foils, Glue removing or activating.
Reliable and Cost-Effective
Plastic Fabrication

Weldy provides reliable and cost-effective tools for hot air welding, extrusion welding, heat sealing, plastic repair, and overlap welding in plastic fabrication.

Robust and Precise
Civil Engineering

In civil engineering, Weldy tools are used for warming up materials, overlap welding of protective films, installing outdoor swimming pools, connection works, and patchwork repairs.