Weldy for Industry




Robust Solutions
Weldy's heat guns are trusted in industrial applications worldwide. From manufacturing to repair sectors, they offer performance and durability. With a wide range of tools and accessories designed for continuous use, Weldy meets every industrial need.
Solid and Precise
Wrap and Cover

For efficient window tinting, color change wrapping, and paint protection film application, Weldy offers specialized tools suited to automotive and architectural enhancements.

Stable and Reliable

Weldy offers advanced solutions for packaging needs, specializing in secure, flameless shrinking for pallets and bulk goods, and precise assembly of films, sheets, and foam mats, ensuring durability and efficiency in packaging operations.

Practical and Reliable
Service and Repair

Weldy provides specialized tools for industrial repair tasks, including film and sticker removal, car plastic repairs, pendulum and shape-forming welding for plastic parts, overlap welding and gap seal cleaning.

Precision and Durability

In the MedTech industry, Weldy offers tools for shaping and finishing orthotic and prosthetic back shells, along with repairing plastic supports and braces.