Through innovative technologies and with a focus on sustainability, we continuously optimize the energy consumption of our products. The Eco Mode of Leister and Weldy devices is an example of this.

Advantages eco mode

All over the world, users benefit from the eco mode of Leister and Weldy products. Because it offers many advantages and at the same time protects the environment and climate:

  • saves energy and costs with the same performance and operational readiness
  • eliminates the need for additional cooling of working areas
  • makes work more pleasant thanks to reduced noise levels
  • prolongs the service life of the equipment
  • reduces maintenance and service costs
  • protects the environment, climate and natural resources

Leister and Weldy hot air blowers with eco mode

Digitally controlled manual hot air blowers and automatic welding machines from Leister and Weldy have been equipped with the eco mode function since 2019. This puts them in a pioneering role worldwide.

Users in all branches of industry and many different sectors rely on hot air blowers and automatic welding machines to process, shape and join thermoplastics. For example, the SOLANO AT hot air gun in the automotive industry for work on car interiors, for carrying out repairs on plastic parts such as bumpers, and for shrinking and processing individual cables and cable harnesses. 
By activating the eco mode function, they save energy and costs and extend the service life of their hot air blower.

By activating the eco mode function, you save energy and costs and extend the service life of your hot air blower or automatic welder.

Example calculation energy saving

Number of hot air hand blower

10 Devices

Average heating power

1.8 to 2.0 kW (per device)

Average service life

8 hours × 220 days = 1,760 h in the year

Electricity costs

0,15 CHF / kWh

Savings potential 40%

10 × 1,8 kW × 1’760h × 0,15 CHF/kWh × 0.4 = 1’900 CHF

In addition, the eco mode makes work more pleasant, because during work breaks, manual hot air blowers and automatic welding machines are quiet and do not produce unnecessary hot air that heats up the environment. This in turn saves energy for cooling, which would otherwise have to be used in large workshops, for example.

Interview on eco mode on Leister Stories

Rene Meier, Head of Business Line Hand Tools at Leister Technologies AG, reports on further interesting details about the eco mode from Leister and Weldy in an interview on Leister Stories.

Story Eco Mode
Hot air blowers and automatic welding with Eco Mode

Sustainable, economical, quiet. Leister eco mode.