Configuration Management


Leister's configuration management guarantees you reliability and process stability, as it ensures gentle material processing and the quality of the processed products. Use the Leister Configuration Management service in your myLeister app.

Leister products are used, among other things, in temperature-sensitive applications or in combination with temperature-sensitive materials. Precision and reproducibility are also essential in these applications. Each process must always be executed in the same way.

Leister sets a new global standard in process quality, stability and reproducibility with digitally networked hot air blowers.


  • If you perform temperature-sensitive work, Leister's configuration management guarantees you precise processes. This is independent of which accessories you are working with.
  • To ensure reliability and stability, Leister devices can be specifically calibrated depending on the process.
  • Inaccuracies in the process, manual calibration, and tedious document creation with specific offset values are a thing of the past.
  • The read and write function of the myLeister app allows you to transfer settings easily and to an unlimited number of other Leister devices.
  • This is a particular advantage for achieving process reproducibility in large production plants where many Leister devices are in use.
  • Use the read function for monitoring. You have the option of reading and checking defined configurations on Leister devices, even if the devices are not connected to the power.
  • Take advantage of the configuration management service in your myLeister app right away.

Use configuration management via the myLeister app.

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