New Weldy brand Car Wrapping Kit HG 330-S

Product Stories12 Dec 2022
It has been on the market since December 12, 2022. The new Weldy brand Car Wrapping Kit HG 330-S. With this professional set, Leister now offers the third Car Wrapping Kit in its product range. Find out what's included in the three kits and how they differ in this blog post.

Author: Chantal Manella, Promotion Specialist, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland


For the professional application of plastic films on cars and other vehicles, you always have the right equipment with the Weldy Car Wrapping Kits. All three Weldy kits include the heat-resistant Heat protection (item number 165.036) to increase your safety at work, as well as two air inlet covers (item number 165.041), which ensure the optimum air supply for the heat gun during car wrapping. A five-meter cable provides you with enough free space when handling the hot air tools. This gives you more flexibility. A huge advantage that pays off especially when wrapping vehicles of different sizes.

Three Car Wrapping Kits tailored to your needs

Weldy Car Wrapping Kit HG 530-A Advanced

With this kit, you’re sporting the "Rolls-Royce" among Car Wrapping Kits. Via the digital display you can precisely set the hot air temperature as well as different air speeds. In addition, you can save five different temperature and air speeds, which assists you in your next project and makes your work even faster. One of the advantages of the ergonomically designed and premium HG 530-A heat gun is its intelligent Eco-Mode. This reduces air volume during work breaks, but maintains the set temperature. This means that the HG 530-A is quieter during work breaks, saving you energy and costs. As soon as you move the heat gun again, the air volume immediately increases to the set point. Depending on your needs, you can set the Eco-Mode either by time controlling or after positioning the heat gun (90° angle downwards). We recommend setting the Eco-Mode according to its positioning, especially if you use the leather holster (article no. 126.311) for inserting the heat gun. A worthwhile investment, as many car wrappers attest to.


NEW: Weldy Car Wrapping Kit HG 330-S Standard


This professional Weldy Car Wrapping Kit includes the new, powerful Weldy heat gun HG 330-S. You control the temperature on the hot air blower continuously up to 600 °C (1112 °F) respectively. 1112 °F via a control dial (potentiometer). You conveniently set the two-stage air supply via a regulator. At 700 g, the heat gun is a real lightweight. This allows you to complete even longer lasting jobs effortlessly.


Weldy Car Wrapping Kit HG 330-B Basic


The compact and power-efficient Weldy variant HG 330-B completes the range of car wrapping. The heat gun HG 330-B offers a minimalist design and is easy to use. Simply select between two temperatures (350/550 °C / 662/1022°F) via a step switch.


Greater user and material safety

Safety at work during car wrapping is a top priority at Leister. The "heat protection" and "air inlet cover" items included in the set increase protection against burns for users and the material being processed. Simply place the heat-resistant protective cage over the heating tube and you will have sufficient clearance at all times. Also, the two air inlets are easily attached to the heat gun. This way, the air continues to be drawn in unhindered when you briefly tuck the heat gun under your arm or between your legs while working.

Optionally available with practical leather holster for even more flexibility

Best practice is to grab the cool leather holster right away. With this practical accessory, you always have your heat gun where you need it and free hands during work breaks. Simply attach the holster to your belt and insert the heat gun. This keeps it well protected and in no time it is back in your hand.



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