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  • Welding speed free adjustable up to 7.5 m/min
  • Powerful hot air welder (2100 W)
  • 20 or 30 mm weld seam widths for different requests
  • Up to 530°C
  • Automatic cool down function
  • Display for process control
  • Reliable hot air welder for tarpaulin and billboards

WELDY foiler automatic machines for overlap welding, simple operation and maintenance. 
Weldy foiler - the reliable hot air welder for tarpaulins and billboards.

Scope of delivery

(Additional weight not included in purchase)

Additional Products And Accessories

Details Consumables

Welding rods

Welding rod HDPE 4mm Welding rod HDPE 4mm
115.366 Welding rod HDPE, profile A, black + more
Welding rod PP 4mm Welding rod PP 4mm
115.355 Welding rod PVDF, profile A, nature + more
Details Nozzles

Overlap welding nozzles

132.663 Overlap welding nozzle 132.663 Overlap welding nozzle
123.663 30 mm + more
123.627 Overlap welding nozzle 20mm 123.627 Overlap welding nozzle 20mm
123.627 20 mm + more
Details General accessories

Additional weights

Additional weight Additional weight
131.849 Additional weight + more

Hand pressure rollers

Weldy_130.146 Silicone pressure roller Weldy_130.146 Silicone pressure roller
130.146 30 mm (silicone) + more
Weldy 131.693 PTFE Pressure roller 30 mm Weldy 131.693 PTFE Pressure roller 30 mm
131.693 PTFE + more
Weldy_130.611 Silicone pressure roller Weldy_130.611 Silicone pressure roller
130.611 Pressure roller 3.14 inch (silicon) + more

Various accessories

119.177 Scraper + more
119.178 Scraper set + more
Details Spare parts

Heating elements

Heating element Heating element
119.654 230V / 2000W + more

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