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Roofing with Weldy

simple. good. affordable.

Weldy hot air hand tools are reliable and withstand very harsh working conditions. The tool “energy 1600” and its accessories offer best value for money and service over time.

The “energy 1600” includes adjustable temperature up to 600° C.

The WELDY hot air welder “roofer RW3400” features an easy handling and is designed to efficiently weld and seal small roofs

Some features are:
  • Extra wide 40 mm welding nozzle
  • Heavy weight direct above the contact roller to achieve a high quality weld seam
  • Powerful 3400 W hot air blower to achieve the desired temperature and air volume

Hot Air Hand Tools

energy 3400

The versatile tool kit is used for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, producing and repair of plastics, built in to machines.

hot air hand tool energy 3400 kit

energy HT1600

The powerful hot air hand tool WELDY type HT1600 for a wide range of applications.

WELDY energy HT 1600 - unbeatable cost-performance ratio for plastic welding

energy HT1600 overlap kit

Your professional hot air equipment for welding PVC and TPO membranes.

energy 1600 roofing kit

Welding Machines

miniwelder geo2

Light and fast automatic welder, suitable for geomembranes with a thickness of 0.5–1.5 mm.

miniwelder geo2

miniwelder tex2

The light and fast automatic welder is suitable for geomembranes in material thicknesses of 0.5–1.5 mm.

miniwelder tex2

roofer RW3400

The professional lightweight welder for the roof: Handy, simple and good! Lightest in its class! (only 15 kg).

hot-air-welder tarper TW3400

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